Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trade Nbr. 38- 2007

Long June 07 Crude Oil: Entered on April 25th- Closed on April 25th.

Long: 65,12 -- Initial Stop: 64.80 -- Stopped: 64.80 Result: -1,00R

Bullish in Screen I - At value in Screen II - Entry Set-up in Screen III - Stopped out.

Comments: One more loss .... Amazing !! Five losses in a row.... Statistically I am due for some wins soon !! It is during such times that it is important to make sure one stays focused !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephane...

A small point maybe and one that might be an indicator of a shift in psychology. As you know statistically you're are NEVER due some wins. There are three things that affect a person's emotional state: physiology, focus and language. Taking the care to add precision in your language will help you fretain your focus. But you know all that.

Great blog. I'm still getting up to speed with it.

Bon Chance


stephane said...

Thank you for your comment DangerMouse!! You are absolutely right in that it makes no sense statistically to expect a win after 5 losses.... I guess that I was "anchoring" my previous series of wins/losses which is a typical human bias !!

On the other hand staying positive and accepting that such series of losses are part of any system/trading methodology is important and helps staying focused in the process..

Again thank you for your wise comments and kind words.