Thursday, April 26, 2007

Trade Nbr. 40 - 2007

Long June 07 Crude Oil: Entered on April 26th- Closed on April 26th.

Long: 65,73 -- Initial Stop: 65,46 -- Sold: 66,24 -- Result: 1,90R

Bullish in Screen I - At value in Screen II - Entry Set-up in Screen III - Sold after the previous candle printed a threatening tail as the market was close to its objective in Screen II.

Comments: Good trade. Exit was sharp !!


Gav said...

Hey Stephane,
It is tough to have 5 losses in a row. But you made it. The most recent 2 trades are very nice.

I don't do much of futures trading this month, as you might know I only trade NQ, that limits my trading opportunity.

Hope you have a great weekend and month of May ahead!


stephane said...

Thank you very much Gav for your kind words. Series of losses (as series of wins) are part of this fascinating game.... Hopefully may will be smoother !!

Wish you a great week-end and a great FX and NQ performance in May !!