Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grading Trades nbr. 26 to nbr. 50 - 2007

Let's look at the grading and accumulated Rs for trades nbr. 26 to nbr. 50

Followed by the accumulated Rs curve sofar this year:

Comments :

The trading performance for trades nbr. 26 to nbr. 50 has not been as good as the first 25 trades of the year. I achieved a grade of 1,04 which is o,11 below my trading objective of 1,15. Remember that this mark takes into account the key statistics of a trading system (% Wins, Average Win/Average Loss, Maximum Win/Maximum Loss and 3 Biggest Wins/3 Biggest Losses).

My hit rate decreased to 52% during this period and the average win/loss was as well worse at 1/1,39, reducing the expectancy. Looking back in details I find an overall difficult trading environment for my style during this period and some sub-par position management as the main suspects. I forced some trades and was too quick to take profits in some good trades.

On a positive note I stayed calm and focused after taking 5 losses in a row and knew to make them back and then some fairly quickly without doing any "revenge trading" which is a sign of trading maturity. Another positive point is that I improved my trailing stop methodology and this should allow me to stay into fast moving markets longer....

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